About me

I finished my studies in art education in May 2019 at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and taught art for two years in middle and high school. Alongside to my teaching job I followed my great passion of ceramics. In September 2019 I moved to Montreal to fulfil my dream and become a ceramic artist. After gaining a lot of experience in Canada, I returned to Vienna to continue my passion in ceramics and teaching.

Ceramics is an old and very fascinating craft that has endless possibilities. The book “The Craftsman” from Richard Sennet inspired me a lot in my artistic work and philosophy. He writes about historical developments that caused separations between practice and theory, technique and expression, craftsmen/craftswomen and artists. The relation, contrast and interdependence between art and handicraft play a very important role in my art.

My designs are strongly influenced by nature and the striving for perfection in imperfection, which can also be found in Japanese ceramic art philosophy and culture. I am always in a process of learning new techniques and developing unique designs. For me one of the most exciting parts about making ceramics is the possibility to create something unique that becomes part of your life.