Beleaf in Science

This project originated from making tests with leaf prints on clay. As testing is a very important part of the ceramic handicraft, I created many tiles using different underglazes to colour the leaf prints. Astonished by the remarkable details revealed by the leaf prints, resembling a herbarium, the process of making these tiles became part of this artistic concept.

For the tiles I collect leaves with different structures and patterns which are offered by Canada's nature. The tiles itself are made from a wet slab of clay with its “form memory” removed, otherwise the tiles will bend after the firing process. By printing the leaf onto the clay, it is given the memory of a biological structure which otherwise is ephemeral. It is intriguing to observe the leaf patterns of an individual tile in detail but also to observe them next to each other as an abstract visual art piece.

The resulting art project combines one of the oldest handicrafts with contemporary visual art in a harmonious way. During the creation process I was strongly influenced by some of the biggest problems of our society and environment: the climate crisis, environmental pollution, consumer society, ignoring science. The title “beleaf in science” comes from my wish that we all should look closer at our environment, go back to the roots, start doing more with our hands and believe in our scientific knowledge.