Stay@Home Trio

During the outbreak of the pandemic which caused dramatic and radical changes all over the world I had to find a way to deal with the new situation. Since it was not possible to go to the ceramic studio, I was forced to work from home without contact with other people. I did not have a wheel to throw tableware, so I started sculpturing.

At this point I realised that I needed a working mood that was the complete opposite of producing tableware. My new challenge was to work as long as possible on every sculpture. The three sculptures form a trio which embodies the three states of emotional expression I had during the creative process.

The first sculpture is a metaphorical self-portrait. A lonely frog is playing the blues on the saxophone. Even if the frog is alone, it is enjoying and living in the moment and the music.

The second sculpture describes an old and wise character. The tortoise is a symbol of tranquillity and shows the acceptance of the current situation I was facing. The ukulele is a small instrument that has a very smooth and calming sound.

The last sculpture expresses a “Rampensau” (stage hog) as one would say in Austria. The chameleon usually moves very slowly, but I used one of its special characteristics, its tongue, to turn it to a rocking chameleon.